Be a refreshing friend today.

Friendships are special, and these supportive relationships are needed even in the workplace. We must heighten our social intelligence and observe when coworkers need a helping hand. Establish strong relationships that reach out to understand another’s view. Nurture interactions that involve having compassion with a colleague struggling to learn a new system or concept so they can truly support and feel a part of the team. Let your management style be truthful but delivered in love knowing how much more your critique will be received if it’s genuinely constructive. Be a friend by not allowing office gossip to settle in your heart and mouth. Refuse to engage in behavior that separates the collaborative collegial mood of your team and company. Honor your friends in the workplace. Celebrate a year well worked. Collective commiserations are okay when you promise one another to help strengthen their skill set area of weakness and they commit to the same. You vow to cover their blind spot with mentoring suggestions and staff development opportunities. A friend at the office is a person who understands “we are stronger together”.

Like a rose, each petal needs to be watered and refreshed making a beautiful show together for its audience. Live Life being a refreshing friend Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde