Fall in love with yourself this season. Your work is being noticed. The extra effort you’ve put into the details of the tasks in order to make your project deadline is being noticed. Your coworkers are touched by the moments you’ve spent with them in the lunchroom asking about their kids’ school highlights. Your long distance friend is thankful you took the time to call him back when he mentioned he was having a trying day. The way you breezed through that meeting without a familiar rant was duly noted. You are becoming who you were meant to become. You’re realizing how important your talents and gifts are to others. 

Love yourself today. You are accepted. First by God. He knows everything about you and sees the strong ending. Second, by more admirers than you think! So go ahead and embrace all the good, noble, and praiseworthy actions you’ve pushed toward with each stepping stone you’ve mastered. Have faith in what you bring to the team. It’s transforming lives and building solid relationships. Believe your contributions are unique and distinct. You have been set apart for this moment. There is only one YOU. And you’re filled with brilliance!

Fall in love with who you are. Live Life loving yourself Today!

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