Mighty Splash

It’s the expanse of our lives that brings us the overflow. We must believe our eyes were meant to visualize a wide array of opportunities. Look around, enlarge your pure imagination and see the downpour of skills and talents you have that can impact an individual’s life, a group desiring support, or even a generation needing your guidance to overcome a particular discouragement. Take some time today to acknowledge your unique abilities and character. Focus your creative vision on who you really are. Allow yourself to recognize, cultivate and nurture the gifts you have. Realize you are meant to shower your distinct abilities and touch many people with the precious life you’ve been given. Let your unparalleled talents pour out and give someone a splash of who you are! There’s your calmness; your smile; your laughter; your listening ear; your friendship counsel, your ability to give detail to a big picture idea; your skill to perceive how to best order today’s list of work tasks...what’s  your mighty splash? Let me know. Affirm it!

Live an overflow Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde