Half Full

I had a lovely coaching moment about two weeks ago. My client was talking and I kept seeing a beautiful glass half full. I told her that she needed to start seeing a glass half full. I understood that her recent experiences, words and conversations transferred a negative and judging outlook that she now needed to shake off. Sometimes the best intentions of friends or coworkers can turn into a weight of offense that we must resist in order to stay focused on our journey. We must resist their well-meaning instructions that passively, and maybe even aggressively, sought to control and order our thoughts. Today think about who orders your steps toward your destiny? How are your thoughts being ordered at home, work and even in your personal time away from others? I mentioned to her that in getting back to her stillness time she would once again hear directly from God. That the most important voice would once again order her mind. I saw her smile and knew she was now seeing the glass half full. Yes, I said, let your glass receive the fullness of peace at home, work and in your time away from others. Receive the confidence that your glass is full of good success and appointed seasons. Fill your cup with your list of dreams for a fulFILLing destiny. Fill your lungs with fresh anointed air. Stop shallow breathing. Breathe in; then out. Ah…..feel your lungs receiving a fresh wind of change. Now let your mind see a glass half full. Your spirit is stronger than your mind, so choose to see it. We smiled, laughed and totally enjoyed our time together….as it should be!

You CAN change your mind today. Yes, you can choose to renew your mind. Listen to your conversations today. Let all interactions finish with optimism and hope. Be excited with your renewed actions and seeing your glass half full. Watch others notice your fresh forward approach to yesterday’s challenging circumstances. You glass is now half full. Your approach to life is now half full. Your work relationships will be half full. The moments in your private stillness time will be half full. And half full leaves room for a reasonable tweak and personal adjustment here and there. Half full gives you time to breathe before you say the next word, write the next email or text your next message. Let your shoulders open to receive fuller hugs. Straighten your back to reach your full potential. It’s all about a change - - a repositioning - - a higher place of insight.

Let your glass be half-filled with patience for the minor frustrations of the day. Hey! It’s okay if you see imperfections on your glass. Those smudges and mistakes can be wiped away with mercy and grace. Wipe away resentment, anger or bitterness with acceptance and love unconditional. Go ahead and have a full measure of forgiveness so your days can be prolonged with a life of joy, peace and righteousness, Every morning I ask God to forgive me for whatever and every area I need forgiveness in; I know he’s faithful to forgive and I receive my glass half-full for today’s journey!

See the good in your life. I see the good in all of it. Do you see the glass half full? Even in the setbacks and challenges, there are precious nuggets to embrace. Nuggets that shape our character and bring us face-to-face with our core values. We are transformed for good when we allow God to show us how to reposition ourselves for the half full experience.

Live Life with your glass is half full Today. Cheers!

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Eugenie Encalarde