A Day of Rest

Imagine! Rest. To just be still and let no person or extraneous device enter this moment. Just plunge safely into your personal place of rest. No dinging, buzzing, or murmuring right now. Release this week’s twists and turns. Release the conversations, the worried expressions you sowed or reaped. Resist the temptation to see anything other than you jumping up and down with absolute joy. Why? Because you’re imagining rest. And at the center of your rest is joy. There’s decadent delight in relaxing. Relaxing your facial muscles - having no expression that’s resulted from a sudden or perplexing thought or conversation. Your forehead is feeling unusually light. Could it be because you’ve decided to smile instead of carrying the weight of the world? Your world. Today I encourage you to rest. You know you need it. I realized how much I needed it when I decided to rest from all the ideas, solutions and new questions that were trying to greet me this morning. I made a choice. I choose to rest today. I uncheck the many things from my to do list because my rest will give me strength for the next wave of whatever my journey demands. I also feel this rest will keep me rightly focused on my next stepping stone. Sometimes the doing is a distraction and a series of activities that take me away from the genuine purpose and direction of my life. Today I was confronted with a choice to rest. I believe God initiated this restful moment. (Thank you, again and again!) Right now I’m lying down looking at the fall leaves through my window, enjoying a cup of hibiscus tea. I’m taking in all the wonderful moments that happened this week; and I’m asking the Spirit to reveal whether I need to reposition my spirit for the week ahead. I’m asking Him by plunging in rest. I’m honoring Him in the rest. I’m depending on Him by resting. Seek rest today. Whether it’s two hours or eight; give your spirit, mind and body the gift of rest. Live a restful Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde