Blended Communication

Recently, I have been curious about how I communicate. Do I speak to my coworkers understanding that we are all blended individuals? Or do I try the awkward notion of balancing my role as Believer, mother, friend, producer, and coach? Ugh, the thought of compartmentalizing the essence of my blended self. I believe we bring our blend of experience and expertise from our personal relationships, work relationships and even our spiritual relationships everywhere we go. Everywhere… The blending is what makes us unique and it’s what makes our impact with another person or group so unlike our coworker across the hall. Following this thought, I find it difficult to try to present myself to my coworker in any way other than a blended view. Nothing of who I am is removed during my daily conversations with my company’s production coordinator or ticket manager. I speak from the blending that I have grown into - - cultivated, transformed and continually growing. I understand the need to continue to mature and learn professionally, building from my natural blend as mother, wife, creative leader, Spirit dweller, and life enthusiast. I also understand that I must humbly submit my blend to the work atmosphere I interact in. I understand that my blend is open to critique but if I commit to love everyone as I love my blended self, I will receive that new insight and determine how it righteously contributes another shade to my blend. This lends another opportunity to deeply reflect whether my blending is praiseworthy or maybe worthy of a gentle stirring. Yes, there are times I must stir up the gifts and talents that reside in my unique blend. How can I really help manage the transition of a team if I’m not assertively managing the blend I bring to them both individually and collectively? I am unsettled just thinking how powerfully I communicate to my coworkers and executive team. To realize how my blend is transferred to others in a meeting or in the lunch room as we exchange ideas to develop a unified effort to achieve success. And to realize that same effort should parallel the effort I use to transfer my blend to my daughter, husband or neighborhood grocer.

We must get to the core of how we communicate with others in the workplace. We must realize that our words demonstrate a blending of our personal, work, and spiritual selves. Our verbal or written efforts at its core should resolve communicative gaps and team challenges through the many ways we offer our blended selves to others. Our blending should confront team discord and combat interoffice conflict with congruent hearts. I’m reminded that my production coordinator is a wonderfully blended individual, who has taken her blending and learned how to develop a stable sense of self. She is comforted knowing I will engage my heart best to keep her on track with her work goals and objectives.

Today take note of your individual blending. Don’t try to balance the multi-faceted you. Instead work, live and love letting your blend shine through. Support your coworkers and receive their blending; realizing the collaborative effect should always enhance each of your professional and personal lives. It’s no longer, “It’s just business, not personal!” Society has become a blending of professional, personal and social boundaries. To communicate out of your blended self is to acknowledge your profound strengths and flaws. Let these self-discoveries reveal assumptions about yourself and others that will transition you toward your destiny of greatness. Let your findings challenge you to communicate honestly and empathetically; without judgement.  

Live a blended life today!

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