Spiritual Discipline

Discipline. Why is discipline so difficult? 

Well, it requires submission of our will. It requires humility. We must acquiesce and admit that the particular subject, task or situation we’re struggling with is beyond our natural ability to handle. But why is that? Why? It’s because our soul desires to do something else. Our soul wants what it wants. It primarily wants to be satisfied very quickly - an insatiable hunger. However, discipline requires a sort of long-suffering approach so it battles with the “soulish” part of who we are. 

So we begin to pull out our favorite life raft - - excuses and reasoning. Mental bullets that work to kill and shatter the goals, objectives and destined promises meant to help others and holistically bless us.

That’s why I believe without a strong spirit, we are slaves to our will. The bondages and heaviness we experience comes from the hangovers we experience after an excessive and unpleasant spirit-mind battle. Overly consumed with the passion of self.

Is their a solution? Not an easy one, but doable. We have to recognize there is something greater that’s ruling. We also have to understand who we’ve given authority to in our lives and who’s ruling the spiritual and mental areas in our lives. If we decide to live our lives without boundaries, we will miss our season of opportunities. We will miss how wonderful life can be having discipline and good boundaries. We must break the power of the voice that’s sabotaging the discipline needed to build our future and the future of others we have been called to impact. Someone is depending on us to move forward. Some organization or company is depending on us to carry our talented load. We are carrying their blessing and breakthrough for their destined promises.

You see, it’s about us but not really about us. Recognize the greater. Let’s work on strengthening our spirit. Look up. The good and perfect answer is above.

May His Spirit strengthen your spirit as you Live Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde