Yesterday while I was driving, I was stopped frequently with sudden traffic and roadblocks preventing me from flowing down my usual path. I couldn’t turn off and take another route. Instead, I had to painfully endure the lengthy stops and frustration of realizing I wouldn’t get to my destination at the time I expected. I started to pout inwardly because I couldn’t have my way. Then God’s spirit spoke to me. He said “There are roadblocks you’ve been encountering but it’s not a bad thing.” So I decided to meditate on that and see what he meant.

We are having roadblocks right now, but it’s not a bad thing. Sometimes we’re not ready for the destination yet. Sometimes there are a few things we have to do to get properly prepared or there’s some sifting that needs to occur inside of us to get the purity of our gifts and talents properly in place. This is needed in order to powerfully impact the community, workplace, and family we’ve been called to serve and work in. The development is needed to achieve the true destiny we deserve. It could be more patience to withstand setbacks, knowing frustrations can be signposts telling us to tweak or remove a personality bent or core value that doesn’t align with what we’re working toward. Maybe we need to check our attitude and desires regarding our destiny. Do we really believe we can achieve the stepping stones needed to reach our goals and objectives? Or are we just going through the motions without the passion needed to stand in lean and learning times?

What’s your roadblock? Check your heart. Slow down. Be spiritually strong so you can be mentally and physically ready. Know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Know how you’re doing when you’re doing it - - whatever it is. The roadblocks could be getting you ready for the best race and the best season of your life.

Life Life with unveiled eyes Today!

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