I was reading this morning and heard the words “where your spirit goes, your mind will follow.” What did that mean? How does that statement correspond with what I put out there at my job, in my career and especially in my relationships? How would that translate for others in their journey?

Well, there are things I know - - I know my spirit should direct my mind. I know a strong spirit has miraculous strength the mind can’t imagine. I know a broken spirit can cause the mind to be disoriented. Yes, a tired spirit leads to a tired mind! Personal experience taught me that. Suddenly I felt a pause. The quiet was a reminder for me to give myself an opportunity to reflect and assess. Today, I saw an opening and committed to do a “check-in” of what I’m bringing to others in terms of contributing gifts and talents? The awe moment! What gifts am I giving to others? If I understand what needs to be done on a particular project at the office, am I helping with specific plans to achieve important team goals? Do I discern any inconsistencies that can be done more efficiently if I’d take a more proactive than reactive role? Is there a friend that could benefit from my giving him or her more encouragement to overcome a difficult situation? Are there any resources I have that could benefit someone by mentoring them? Spirit of giving, discernment, administration, encouragement, faith, leadership, knowledge….”where your spirit goes, your mind will follow.” There’s a wonderful book I read and have incorporated in my client coaching. It’s called S.H.A.P.E. by Eric Rees. Along with other transformation tools I utilize, this tool allows the client to travel upward toward their destiny rediscovering their special abilities and talents. In our fun process, we take an inventory of their spirit, mind and body to achieve true transformation.

I’m sure we will hear A LOT about new year resolutions in the coming weeks. I start my resolve in September so I can become single-minded by January. I deal with spiritual and mental exhaustion through journaling and prayer and then strategically develop my goals by November. I guess my dedication push happens in December with a solid pivot in January. Maybe the words I heard this morning were a gentle reminder to stay steadfast in the process beyond to achieve authentic personal and collaborative purpose….because “where the spirit goes, your mind will follow!”

Stay inspired! You have magnificent talents to contribute and give to your coworkers, family and personal relationships. Those talents make a lasting impression wherever you go whether or not you realize it. The way you are wired is distinct. Now it’s time for you to not only transform individually,  but also impact your workplace and families beyond how you are presently using your abilities and talents. Un-grey your spirit because truly you are colorful and destined to make a technicolor impact wherever your unique purpose lies.

Build a world class team today with your distinct design. Know that you are needed to powerfully communicate love, joy and peace in how you do life.

Live a transformed life today!

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