Today I’m still feasting on the thanksgiving vibes. The taste of gratitude, and smell of peace that comforts my soul. Yum, yum, I am strengthened when I’m fully yielded to eternal truths. Let today bubble over with a simmering feeling in your heart and mind of all God has done for you and through you. When he pushed you (me) back into the fold; back to the people that love you (me) no matter what. Thank him for the prodding to stay away from behaviors that only bring harm. Words and thoughts that take away the sweet aroma of your gifts and talents. Resist the thought you taste better than others invited to partake at the table of your workplace or family gathering. Our unique flavor is complimented when we humbly share our purpose and assignment with one another. Want a bountiful place of potential? Decorate your gathering table with the bright light of helping hands reaching out and saying, “Come, join me and let’s build together. Reposition your thoughts and desires to help your coworker, family member and friend achieve their purpose and destiny.”

I am feasting on the explosion of possibilities in your life. Let’s become sensitive to the biggest care of this world - - To transform our workplace, family and friendship circles by sitting at our respective tables working, loving and living life today TOGETHER!

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Eugenie Encalarde