We’re supposed to nurture one another and tend the respective work gardens where we are presently planted. Our role as God’s helper is to take care of all which he created. There are people that sit near us in our offices that need help to grow. They need our expression of sunlight shining on them to receive the warmth of knowing they are cared about. Many types of people; so diverse with distinct needs. It’s surprising sometimes whether we can meet them all. But if God has placed us where we are and we know it because of the passion we feel in our hearts - - then he’s given us what we need to nurture our workplace. We have the strength to help others weather the storm of downturns or unexpected project losses. We have the creativity to grow something new and exciting; just as beautiful as the first big project we landed! We have the spirit of God to breathe on dead conversations and bring life that diffuses tension and moves a team forward to achieve what’s been uniquely planted in them. We must watch over one another. We must care for our coworkers, and our bosses who have the same mandate to care for all of us in varying departments or within a competitive region. We will never stop growing if we’re nurtured and cared for. A hand shake of assurance, hug of hang in there, or laugh of thanks I needed that. It’s time to look up and begin to understand our place on earth is not by chance. We are meant to be caretakers, mentoring others to the next stepping stone in their journey. Flowers usually grow around other flowers. A seed usually comes in a pack with other seeds. We’re even told to talk to our plants so they know they’re not alone. Comforting to know we are not alone in our journey; our assignment; our process; our purpose; our the rain and sun we have to trust we are growing. Do you see the growth?

Live a caring Life Today!

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