Desire to know who you should have faith in. Desire to know who you should trust. Desire to know the difference between your soul and your spirit. Desire to do good. Desire to know what the good things are for your life. Let anything that doesn’t cause you to spread, share or give generously be consumed and cast down. Go to your office first benefiting from the fact you have an office to go to. Then assess your career desires if you aren’t passionate in what you’re doing. Get stirred up to identify the desirable areas of your life so you can discover what needs to get shifted. Let the shift happen. Notice the break in the atmosphere. Here’s your moment to breathe. Now desire to know what you are here to do - - what impact you are meant to make. Let God put his finger on your desires today. Be transformed by his touch. By his desire. His desire for your journey to end well.

Live Life Today rightly desiring!

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