There’s growth in your work. It’s in the work - the actual doing - that you learn and unlearn. Let’s not look for the quick and easy way. Let the work describe your life of continuous self-discovery. Others will be more fully impacted, which should be the prosperous goal we are striving for. Pressing daily for. To have your coworker, friend and neighbor transformed to achieve their purpose by observing your life’s work? I call that a best result of your work!

Continue to discover how priceless the moments of learning and unlearning are. I’ve learned how important rest and stillness are in my work. It determines the quality of what I produce. I see a special pouring out when it’s completed in rest. And I’ve unlearned the belief that to do it quicker is to do it better. Oh, and may we unlearn that we must have it all together before we can help others. Let’s unlearn that our mouths must be moving for us to affect change. Our presence is meant to calm a room and provide peace to a conversation. That calm and peace comes from the internal work we do.

What are you learning and unlearning in the work you do? It’s absolutely in the engaging, unfolding work you do that you’ll see the ingenious results of your labor. Let your work be an eternal passion and let your passion be an eternal work. I see the green pastures of your labor and planting being sown in depth, length and breadth into the professional and personal lives of others. Your influence is, in fact, three-demensional! It spreads into the sphere and boundaries you inhabit more than you could ever imagine.

Enjoy Life worked well Today!

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