Today I woke up encouraged. I’m overcoming a challenge that initially caused the room to spin. I just sat in the room thinking how horrible this situation was. I tried to work out a number of scenarios and reasons why it happened. I tried to think of how I could’ve handled it differently. Then I realized none of that mattered. The situation happened. Was it bad? Yes. Was it fair? Questionable. But again, none of that mattered. Why? Because the MOST IMPORTANT thing that truly mattered was what I was going to do now. What would my next step be?

As I drove home, I began to pray. I could’ve cried or ranted or let my arms flail. Thankfully, prayer wasn’t an unusual response or reflex action because I do it all the time. I have a close and intimate relationship with a living moving God. I know His Holy Spirit, I depend on His Presence and I’ve felt His closeness during tough times before. Prayer can put things in perspective. As I prayed I began to see a movie reel of memories. I remembered I go to work each day enjoying a fantastic career. I saw my home with so many family and friends memories, laughter with my children and telephone calls sharing in their personal victories. I saw my small circle of long time friends who are always there to share in our celebrations or sorrows… I re-experienced the spiritual blessings and physical achievements and felt a wave of humility. There-there… I saw the journey of check marks. I believe intimate naked prayer should humble a person. Prayer should strip us of any care or concern. I believe prayer should free us from the weight of this world.

After praying, I began to listen to my stillness soaking music. I needed to think about my truth. (The truth isn’t always aligned with what you see.) For instance, no matter what my emotions wanted to tell me, I knew my destiny would surpass any challenge - this transitory rocky challenge. I took a look inside my heart. I reminded myself of my gifts. I’ve been given a gift to encourage and coach others toward their personal and professional victories. That gift stands as one of my truths because it’s been placed inside of me. NOTHING or NO ONE can take it away. I know strength comes out of adversity. And yes, reality sometimes comes out of an acknowledgement of delusion. No matter, it’s now time for me to declare my truth!

I declare I am encouraged that this adverse and delusional situation - - this sting - - will not overtake my purpose. I affirm my truth will stand and ultimately give the final knock-out punch to my momentary anxiety and temporary circumstance. That’s right, this challenge is not eternal.

Today I am encouraged. I will finish preparing for my next coaching class - joyfully looking forward to it! I am encouraged the present lessons I’m learning will help some of you in your future personal and professional journey as you move toward your destiny. Yes, destiny and purpose is real. We are all marked to do brilliantly unique tasks and have successful roles. But we must remain encouraged and hopeful through any challenge. As one of my coaches once taught me, “Remember, the Teacher doesn’t talk during a test.” Let’s pass the test! We must stay focused on our ability to overcome having faith in knowing the truth shall reign.

What is your truth? Truth is your assurance. Truth is your way out. I’m talking about the transcendental reality that resides in your spirit. It sits calmly in your heart. Waiting for you to let your mind’s eye see the bright light of your righteous character. I believe I will shine in a dark place because I am one with my precious Christ. I will push through and stay encouraged because my strength lies in my gifts of encouragement and faith. Today be encouraged that your challenges will ebb and flow as you move forward in your destiny. That’s right, forward!

Be willful in prayer because it can remove the emotional voices that come to paralyze your mind and quiet your spirit. Then journal or rehearse your gratitude for all the past victories, the irreplaceable interactions, and even the exceedingly great dreams and ideas that will ultimately breakthrough. Then dig in and anchor your personal truth to your heart. Go deeper than what’s happening in your natural eyesight right now. See the truth of your gifts, your purpose, what you are designed and destined to become. Your righteous truth! Don’t leave this step until you anchor your truth to your heart. Remember, light will ALWAYS win. (Email me if you need help with this step! I’m a transformational email away.) Next, sit in your stillness time and soak in soothing meditative music. This will help to ease the process, the adversity you’re dealing with, and bring you comfort and additional strength for the present journey. (Again, sign up for my meditative stillness class to soak in spiritual peace.) Now it’s time to begin to vocally encourage yourself. Use my affirmations to speak and hear encouraging words. Reread my blogs, Facebook or Instagram posts.

Today I wanted to share this personal journey with you so you would see that encouragement will always win over the challenges. Encouragement is your knock out punch for challenging situations. Don’t give up, YOU have a destiny.

Like you, I’m on my journey Living Life Encouraged Today.

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Eugenie Encalarde