I feel an outpouring of love today. For those who sent thoughts of love my way after reading my blog “Encouraged”, I thank you. This week ended with me feeling even more encouraged and strengthened. That strength carried me through victory in one of my challenges with much joy, faith and peace. I began to pray into those feelings of faith and joy and saw many gifts with bows in my imagination. There were so many gifts and I realized these gifts were yours to enjoy as well! This blog is dedicated to you. Let my words be a gift to you today.

Gifts to cherish:

Be with people that believe in you - - because they love you.

Be grateful for people that stir up your gifts and talents in your personal and work life - - they love you.

People who will stand with you as your character is getting pruned and as you’re getting groomed to step into leadership - - they love you.

Love the fact that God values the journey, not the destination. He is committed to your journey.

Let His perfect love force any hurt out of your present challenge.

Let perfect love force the fear out.

Let perfect love heal you from the inside out.

Let His overwhelming love sweep your heart clean. No more dust of discouragement.

Love will remove all the offenses you’ve taken on directly or indirectly.

Today I feel a tsunami of love washing unclean thoughts that have tried to cling to our true identity. Receive perfect love Today! Reposition your perspective and turn toward this perfected love.

Claim the clarity, wisdom and exceedingly great insight that comes from godly love. Put eros and philos aside today.

I declare No more negative thoughts to corrupt your future when you let God’s perfect love come in today.

There are few people who have seen me in my lowest moments and most fragile of circumstances. These people who have seen my soul exposed are the friends hand picked and delivered to me by God. I didn’t seek out their love. They were perfectly placed along the path of which I believe my steps were ordered. Oh how I understand the value of the journey.

I see now that we will share our journey together in love, a binding love, a powerful gift of love that will help us spread hope and faith abroad to others; to you! We will lean on one another and an invisible God that will encourage us through perfect love when we get stuck. To use perfection and love in one sentence denotes this experience is above humanity; above what we can think or even imagine. Perfection is not my attribute to attain, but it’s mine to embrace!

I feel an outpouring of love today. I am grateful we are open to the collaborative promise that our next steps will move us forward Today. You are gliding toward a loving and victorious destiny. Open your gifts! Be grateful and Live a loving Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde