Basking in the Overflow

Today bask in who you are! Stop picking on yourself. There is so much MORE good about you than bad. You have so much potential that’s yet to be unlocked. If only you’d take the sunglasses off and for a moment, squint at the brightness of your future. If you’re sitting at a black and white desk with monotone colleagues or coworkers; decide today that you’re going to bring technicolor to your career. There are TOO many choices around your corner of life. Yes and yes! Search it out. Hire me to coach it out of you. I believe we must see the future in its truest sense. It’s easier for some to reason out the rest of their lives. Stop reasoning, start believing in who you really are. Believing will show you things about yourself that the natural eye can’t see. I mean, WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Where’s the smile of imagination? Where’s the laughter of goofy decisions that made you banana peel into a brief moment of “ Did I really do that?” Today, change it! Think it. Bask in the potential of it. Do ONE thing today to turn an awkward or uncomfortable situation around. It’s sticky note time. Sign up for my newsletter. I’m going to give you 5 keys on How to Bask in the Potential YOU! Give me a week, and I’ll give you - - YOU! Live Life Today 😎

Eugenie Encalarde