Pier Imagination

Today restoration and strength is your portion. Take time to lay out your concerns. There are small concerns that can build up over time. Workplace competition, friendship hurt, broken trust, conversations dismissing your presence - - it’s those little foxes that try to steal your confidence and calm demeanor. Suddenly like a raft drifting ever slowly, your perspective gets dimmer and weariness begins to set in. You yearn for solid support like a shoulder to lean on or a gentle hand to hold. You look for positive release of anxiety and worry. You look for a platform to sustain and strengthen your spirit, soul, and body.

Today decide to steal away some intimate moments to mentally and spiritually walk away from those concerns. Clear your head to look at the brightness possibly afar off, but strongly residing just the same. Yes, your bright light is still boldly burning. Take a floating moment to imagine the bright circle of hope relaxing on the blue water along your life’s shore. It’s time for you to receive a clean slate. Surrender your concerns to a loving power calling you nearer. The power above yours smiling down waiting for you to look up. Come nearer. Yes, lean on His shoulder and surrender those concerns. Bask in the cleansing of those hurts, offenses and worry trying to control your day. Realize this moment has floated your way allowing you to capture renewal and restoration. The breath of God woos you to breath Him in. Don’t you feel the fresh air? It’s right in your midst! Breathe Him in. Don’t just dip a toe in the river of renewal; get in and take this moment to bathe in strength. Float to your dock of destiny. Rest there in this intimate moment. One moment can feel like an eternity if you let it. Hear the words, “You are unstoppable.” Because you are. Receive the renewal. Take your moment. Take this moment to get a clean slate. It will give you courage to believe endurance is your portion. Ahh, strength from floating moments of intimacy with God will restore your ability to contend with today’s tasks.

Take hold of the power of restoration. Clean the slate of concerns and be cleansed resting on the pier of your imagination. Pure imagination. Pier imagination. Let the support designed to sustain the pressure of life come from pure inner restoration and strength.

Live a strengthened Life Today.

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Eugenie Encalarde