My Verge

This morning I felt that I was on the verge of something. Then I felt hesitant. I recalled that I’m always on the verge of something. (Smile) But this time I wanted to check in with God and make sure it wasn’t a delusion but a desire He planted. I loved the fact that today I had an expectation but it was balanced with a need to have His say-so in the mental mix. What a far cry I’ve come from the bright ideas I’ve had. Don’t get me wrong, many have been successful and even joyful but this time I want it to feel different. I want to be on the verge of something massive, much bigger, and even a little uncomfortable. I want to feel the butterflies in my stomach, then feel His peace soothe me. Those are the notions and fancies I desire because His thoughts for me are good and have a future. There are many creative visions you may be having right now, not knowing what to do with all that "on the verge" energy! Today, I know that I’m on the verge of something new and big. I’m a little excited that you and I will walk through this together. I mean, I don’t know you but I feel like we must do this together. Ah, I know you pushed it back down because you thought you weren’t brave enough, smart enough or whatever enough to carry the project to fruition. Well, this is the day we will write it down, even if we have to giggle doing it. We will write it down and ask Him to weigh in. Let’s be thankful we are on the verge of a big masterful dream and desire. Let’s write it out and take baby steps acknowledging God all along the way. In a year — no wait, let’s check back in 3 months and see where we are on this victorious verge that's bursting through right now. Come on, it’s time to be on the verge! You are at the edge of your fresh path, on the brink of jumping off into something new and exciting. Let’s take the leap or even a step and Start living Life Today! 


EJ’s Prayer for You today:

I declare I am on the verge of a breakthrough with You today. I lean not to my own understanding but acknowledge You are in this. I decree that with you I will put ten thousand negative thoughts to flight. I decree that all of me will yield to all of You as I step out and grab my verge. Yes, today I’m on the verge of a new day, a new idea, a new way of thinking.  I receive my path of life. Thank You for pushing me ever so gently to my verge. I shall be on the verge of great things today. 


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Eugenie Encalarde