Mental Chiropractor

I was thinking this morning about my deep desire to get in total alignment with the design of my life. I want my mindsets that are stunted or keeping me back to be corrected and repositioned. The crooked thoughts to be renewed. I want real oneness with God. For me, as a believer, I come from a place of accepting there is One who is the higher power and that’s my starting place. Some of us go to a chiropractor to get our bodies back in alignment. We walk in crooked with a shoulder lower than the other or even worse, something like a spine that’s unseen but most critical to our overall stability and balance. I want stability in my life. My mental chiropractor is Jesus. He practices the fringe therapy that scientists are baffled by. He releases truth and disrupts my crooked mind. From the psychological to the physiological. How does my process of alignment begin? Communication. Communication with myself to admit there is a problem, a pain and disjointed area somewhere in my life. My mind is now being affected, my spirit, my breathing is becoming shallow, and I’m restless and rationalizing - so I’m losing self awareness. If I don’t stop and communicate it to a professional who can help, I’ll begin to get used to the pain, awkward walking in my life and consider it normal. I’ll start to say, “That’s just the way I am!” or  "I can't help myself." Don’t get used to instability. Today reach out and Start living your full


EJ’s Prayer for You today:

I desire to get my thinking, behaviors, methods of doing things, my health, and my spirit in alignment with Your purpose for me. Today, I exchange my weakness for Your strength. I declare that I shall receive comfort for any conflict in my life. I will lift up my voice with strength and not be afraid. I decree that rough places in my life will be made smooth today. Whatever is withering or fading away in my life will be revealed to me today. I receive a breath of life on my difficult areas. Today I prepare to overcome my fear and re-create my life with love, power and a sound mind. 


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