The Playground

I was in my bathroom this morning and thought of the school playground that sits near the back of my house. I wondered if the teachers realized the importance of the playground and how children learn a lot of their behaviors in dealing with others from those playground experiences. It’s where they manifest their training on how to be kind; how to help others when they’re hurting; how to invite someone in their group if they look lonely; and it’s a place where innocent joy and laughter should break forth. I wondered if the teachers realized that environment is also where most children get bullied, feel rejected, get shamed, feel isolated, experience unhealthy competition, where they release anger or pain onto some gentler type because they can’t bear to hold that pain or shame in themselves any longer they've received from some brutal type. The playground. What a human learning environment! Now, how’s your adult playground today? Are we playing well with others? Or are you struggling with rejection, bullying from a co-worker or boss, berating from a so-called friend that never seems to celebrate your achievements or successes? Is the pride of knowledge from others permeating your personal or physical environment and suffocating your creativity and identity? Are you ready to change the activities in your playground and change the people in your circle? Is it time for you to establish healthy boundaries that will give you back your breathing space and peace? Take the step and Start living your Life today!

EJ’s Prayer for You Today:

Today I rely on Your love. I live in You and You In me. My playground with friends and coworkers will be full of what is morally good. It will have an atmosphere of humility; free from criticism, pride, and lusting after people or things. My playground will be pure and joyful, not polluted with anger, resentment, and bitterness. I will have healthy love for myself and give healthy love to others. My playground will give glory to God in my behavior and what I say. 


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Eugenie Encalarde