I find there are days when I have to get my onion peeler out. I mean, there are layers of things in my heart that leaves me with such a divided mind. A divided mind opens the mental door to many voices. For example, I begin to feel I just have to do this now, but I also should do that other thing and then the desires override my stillness and peace. The cares of this frantic, pushy world would swallow me if I'd let my mind go down a path that's not mine to take. You see, I now realize that I can't afford to let all those voices take over my life. So what do I do? I begin to do a check of what I've been caring about lately. Are those cares aligned with my values, beliefs or are they choking my destiny? I don't play patty cake with the voices. "Gotta shop, gotta clean, gotta call, gotta make my point, gotta go to that place..... it's time to get my onion peeler out. For me, the layers unfold in silent meditative soaking time. It's dedicated stillness. It's devoted time to unpeel and close the door on the wrong voices. The Key: If  you're not hearing just ONE voice, it's time to get your onion peeler out. Reserve a seat in one of my classes and Live your Life starting now!


EJ's Prayer for You Today:

"Today I demolish arguments in my mind. I silence the voices of contentions, the pride of what I think I know, all unyielding and unbending behaviors, and alluring desires that war against my destiny. I take every thought captive today. I hear Your Voice and will not harden my heart. Your Spirit is powerful.  Your voice is full of majesty, mercy and grace. I declare Your Voice will break the cedars in my mind. I decree another voice I will not follow. Peel me today." 


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Eugenie Encalarde