Grief is a complex journey. An onion with all it's layers. It disrupts, disorders, disorients, and distorts your life. I have been healed from years and years of grief. I wasn't aware the extent that grief numbed me until I was asked to give a message on grief. It was during that time I realized there were many disappointments, losses and traumas that I hadn't really released. It explains why I was feeling heartache when I should've been so filled with joy. I also noticed that areas of my life had become silent. I had lost a sense of awareness in core areas of my life. It looked like a pretty picture where someone would say, "I bet there's a story behind that smile." Yes, that was me. But thanks to someone reaching out and coaching me to do a message sharing my testimony of grief, I am free now. I have put closure to unforgiveness, bitterness and unfinished feelings. My mind and thoughts have been purged and renewed. If you're being affected by grief, understand that it is affecting your mind. It's affecting how you're seeing things in your life. Peel the layers today. Live your Life starting now!


EJ's Prayer for You Today:

I decree there will be no heaviness, depression or oppression because I declare today I wear a beautiful garment of celebration. I step out of my valley and look to Your mountain where my help comes from. I decree Your unshakable joy, which is my strength. Your joy overflows and drenches me in goodness and mercy. I speak this meditation over my beautiful life today. 


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Eugenie Encalarde