Life Coaching and Project Management Consulting Firm
Live Life Today.
— E. J. Encalarde, Transformation coach

Leadership in life & work

Organization coaching. Executive & Young Professional coaching. Millennial & Gen Z Leadership coaching.

Whether you're job-hopping, job-planting, or promotion-prepping, knowing an insider is essential for leadership success & career growth. Findings reveal truths, truths uncover strategies, and strategies get you a place at the big table. Start a group today, join a class or grab a cushy floor pillow with your iPad. Get ready for your ears to burn with real talk THE NEW STANDARD in leadership principles! 


PROJECT creativity & innovation

Project Management coaching. Vision coaching.

Time to get a fresh outlook and realize your potential. What is your idea? Ready to get inspired together and start pursuing your dream? Once we begin to talk about your project, let's draw out the strategic plan, and I know you'll be pleasantly surprised to see Your AWE Moment. Let's get productive and create your dreams!

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Note to SELF

Meditation coaching. Stillness coaching.

Spiritual success is real. The bible talks about being soothed like a weaned child. Daily frequency jams disturb your mental calm. Television on blast, office chatter, talk radio, and yes, endless bantering. The noise seems to be accelerating by the second but - THERE'S HOPE! Step in an atmosphere shift and learn about the THE HEART OF GENUINE PEACE.



Signature Life coaching.

Everyone needs to be motivated and encouraged. Life coaching helps to awaken what lies within the individual. Coaching the mind to come alive and be renewed; to manifest desires and come into agreement with successful opportunities.

If you want to change, it’s up to you. Build a new way of thinking.
— Dr. Caroline Leaf