Steady Now

Keep walking. Your path is steady now. It’s a steady walk with steady thoughts for steady dreams and steady goals.

It’s when we settle down and patiently wait for the next open door or next impressive task, that we will develop the steadiness needed to achieve the destiny we’re moving towards. A thought must be developed, sifted and challenged, and worked to become strong enough to make your goals list. Because your goal should be special, and unique - - if you expect the passion to continue to burn. A steady thought wakes you up each morning, wooing you to sit awhile and touch it with love and hope. A hopeful thought has an energy that brings a glow when you write it down or share it with a confidant or coach. It doesn’t give you anxiety, but it gives you thrilling anticipation that makes your heart leap.

Time. When we steady our walk, time gives us mercy. It lingers a little longer. It dances as we patiently outline the desires of our heart. Patient waiting is in partnership with time. They acknowledge one another and the wisdom of being steady. Discipline unfolds from a steady thought and mindful step of a steady walk. It’s the directed enlightenment you need to undertake your special goal or project. The dream brightly beams - calling you - and although you want to run to it quickly, you steady yourself and use the stillness moments to maintain clarity and spiritual strength. Think about it; it’s calling you because IT IS your calling. Your vision.

You are in a race, but it’s a steady race. The rhythm is designed to fit your personality; it’s your goal for your destiny! Walk it out. Think it through. Steady yourself. You will reach your goal or complete your project. I’m with you. Live a steady Life Today! 

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Eugenie Encalarde