Catch Me

In my stillness time today, I see all disappointment and heaviness being removed by an inward carefree conversion. A positive longing breaking free in my spirit. I sit and no longer carry anxiety from yesterday’s concern. I give my heart, my mind and my soul the freedom to refuel and rest.

I feel the rest. To rest in the arms of God’s peace and comfort. I settle in. I am comforted today by the quiet. My spirit smiles and I am softened, changed. I am strengthened swinging in the joy I’ve been searching for. Such joy is my strength. More joy and more strength. Much More. 

I remove myself from the cares of tomorrow and rest in the stillness. Letting my mind and body take a break, as I rest in the spiritual stillness that God provides. My heart says, “Rest in you. Quiet in you. no sound. Just your presence. No movement. Caught up in your presence. The stillness of your presence.”

When I try to cry out and resist the stillness moment, you catch my cry and comfort me with overflowing love. It spills into my soul. I feel the rise of love. Such joy in the midst of my ache. Your joy neutralizes the cares of this world. I am pulled to rest. I - You. No matter the circumstance. I rest in you. No matter the ache. I rest in you. 

This is the moment. I am settled in how you’re saving me at this moment; in this moment. You are saving me. Catching me when I stumble. Picking me up. I rest in you. I am captured by your love. I am held in your heart so close. I come to you, and I will find rest. I rest in you.

You say to me, “My heart is for you. I cover you with my protection. I am your savior, the Christ. The completion of my work is yours. Take it. Rest in it. It’s yours. Wear it. Be clothed in my grace. My resurrection power that can crush anxiety, depression, infirmity, broken hearts, fear, insecurities. I crush all of it for you. My love crushes it all. It’s swallowed up in the depths of my love for you. So deep. So wide. You are that special to me. Let it settle in. Let my truth settle in. Rest in me. Come and rest. I am here.”

Live Life Today knowing He’s got you!

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Eugenie Encalarde