Let me in

Let me in. Make room for me. I am standing at your door. I am ready to shine on your situation. Ready to shine on your dream. The dream you’ve kept in your heart all this time. I am standing right here…at your door. Look up and see my smile. I am smiling at what I see. You’re not looking at this moment through my eyes. The falling away of all you’ve held on to for the “just in case” times is happening now. It’s a good falling away. Let it go. It’s not until you let go that you’ll have a hand to let me in.

Look out and tell me what you see. Those green luscious rolling green hills are yours to run upon. That sun in the distance will follow you wherever you walk. See the expanse of the crisp blue sky? It’s made for your wings of destiny!

As you release what you’re holding in your hand and open the door to your heart, I will come in. I will stretch your thoughts and pour the oil of joy over your mind. Yes, I will heal your mind of anxiety and worry.

Did you feel the gust of wind when the door opened? It was the power of my spirit giving you strength for today.

Don’t let the spirit of fear and dread hem your dreams in. Let me in and I’ll knock down the mental walls that have tried to discourage you. Watch me. Watch those walls fall down. One by one! See the sky that’s been waiting to say hello to your dreams! Oh, and that golden sun! Breathe in the fresh anointing. The air of peace. You let me in and now you see a greater space and place that is more than you ever thought or even imagined. Thank you for having the faith to let me in. How did you do it? You used your power to let me in. Yes, the power that’s always been working in you.

Live Life with creative faith Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde