I’m thankful that I’ve always bloomed wherever I’ve been planted. Thinking back to my jobs in retail, restaurant, fitness, banking, and even the oil industry, and how they gave me resilience to bloom wherever I landed in the labor force. 

It didn’t matter the circumstance or resistance from an unadaptable environment; I always pulled from within with hope and faith to achieve good success. There were many times I didn’t have a clue how the awkward moment would work out for good. Those times of disappointment included terse embarrassment, shame, guilt, silent grief, trauma, job loss, painful relationships, lack of confidence, word curses, money problems, sickness and devastating infirmity. Feel free to identify with any one (or two) for the purpose of today’s deliverance and breakthrough. I had my share of lonely experiences when I didn’t have the faintest understanding how I ended up there, planted there. Those experiences happened throughout my 35+ years in the workplace.....BUT I BLOOMED! 

Wherever I was planted throughout the work lifecycle, I desired goodness and received it. I do believe in the law of attraction. I do believe when you know God won’t leave or forsake you in your journey, if your purpose screams passionately while you’re blooming here on earth, embrace the godly sense of resilience, hope, and overcoming.  Yes, you were born to overcome!

In my personal journey, I’ve matured to pray for mercy and it was freely given. Fresh and new every time. I asked for a creative miracle and because I yielded, it joyfully appeared right when I needed a double portion. 

 I want you to shine and spread goodness to others in your workplace. I want you to impart insight so other generations can overcome adversity. Let his wisdom and revelation take over letting the brightness of what you were meant to become saturate the works of your hands. Bloom where you are planted.

I decree you will receive the inner strength to bloom. I affirm your restoration to bloom comes now. Forgive in order to bloom. Love holistically to bloom. Hug whole-heartedly to bloom. It’s time to resurrect every dead area in your personal and work life - - in your relationships, financial status, workplace, career, spiritual and mental health - - it’s time for you to bloom.

Live a blooming life today! #ejencalarde #livelifetoday #bloom #thrive #lifecoach

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