#Project Management: Today I am resting and reviewing lessons learned from my latest project. It’s important to review the tools and techniques used in the various processes implemented during a work project. Take time to sit and stop. Take time away from the voices. Just let the scenes from a recent event float to the top. The upward flow will reveal strengths and weaknesses from specialized inputs and project outputs. Grab the thoughts and let spiritual things from above rule during this private moment.  I give thanks during this intimate time. If you don’t allow personal truths about work, your core values and relationships to float to the top, you really won’t identify the baseline of brightness for your destiny. I believe our destiny is like a gentle person that waits for the check in our spirit. We will either receive the voice that says go this way, or we’ll not learn the quality lessons for our next stepping stone. I am so grateful for my work. I’m passionate about the firm foundation that’s been cultivated during my 30+ years of producing. My advice: Take time after every project to take a day or two for a thorough lessons learned register. First, for your spiritual strengthening and insight, then for the purpose of accomplishing your destiny how God intends you to impact others on earth. Rest and review.

Live Life learning today! #ejencalarde #livelifetoday #projectmanagement #projectcoaching #committedtoexcellence #signaturelife

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