I am a Stillness strategist. I love coaching in this area because it’s a place I’ve struggled with for many years...about 20....(yeah!) so I know I have authority to speak on this topic.

I’ve discovered that without spiritual strength, you’re paddling through life without oars. And eventually you just get tired. Some call it burn-out; other say exhaustion; unfortunately for a few it’s called mental or bodily sickness. I say “you’re spirit has sprung a leak!” So how do you get back in the river flow? The river of life..

I decided to begin a series of stillness posts to bring awareness to a big gap in our lives. This gap needs to be filled in the workplace as well as our personal space because we are a blend. Saying you’re balancing is a smoke and mirrors act that needs to stop. It’s time to be your badass blended self wherever you go! 💯

Since this process is spirit-led, I’m not here to deal with your mind or body in this coaching series.  My coaching focus today is to guide you and help saturate the atmosphere to allow God’s presence to sync with yours. In this time alone, your spirit will be restored.

I know my time of Stillness is achieved when I began the day thankful. Even in the midst of a challenge I can feel God’s spirit breathing on me in my stillness time. It’s such an intimate time, so close. Authentic FaceTime - the face to face, a powerful peace kissing me while I’m sitting still extolling how gracious he is. Then I imagine the beautiful footsteps leading me, calling me closer to the peace I need for today’s clarity. My focus is not daunted because I faithfully anticipate he’s going to tell me (again) everything’s going to be okay. So I sit still and wait.

Stillness brings you into a deeper place. The restorative place you were really made for. Will you get stronger in the stillness? You need this spiritual confidence for this life. You are getting clarity in the stillness. Truth is being revealed and you are becoming okay with it.  It’s important to be at peace with the truth.  Sometimes we fall into situations that are not the best. We turn toward a wrong path; a beguiling fork in the road. But when we grab hold of the truth and change our mind  - change our way - we can delightfully DIG IN and begin to reflect our new self.

I’m discovering that stillness is needful for our journey. We are renewed and feel regenerated in stillness. We cannot move into our work or personal day without steadiness and assurance. Stillness time takes life’s complexities out of our hands and places it in the right hand. The righteous hand. Burnout happens because we don’t take time for stillness. Mental meltdowns happen because we don’t steady ourselves and rest in daily stillness time. Emotional spillovers occur at the workplace because we don’t give stillness time the priority it deserves. Bad decisions in relationships or at work or in complicated circumstances are made because we just don’t feel our stillness time is worthy of our immediate attention.

Let’s stop running away from our challenges and responsibilities, which is thwarting our progress toward the good destiny we all want. Let’s talk more next Sunday! Until then, Be Still...

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