Situations can mask themselves as required operations that must be managed. But must they? When situations produce a low simmering anger that impacts others, it may be time to question the situation. Is this an opportunity to up your interpersonal and team skills? What is this issue and how is it tied to your destiny? Who is involved in the situation, impacted by the situation and again, is it tied to your destiny? What information knowledge is involved in this situation? Is that information of value for your destiny? Let’s take a step back…Is your destiny that important? I really hope you answered yes to this question. OK, let’s go over what a situation tied to your destiny might look like….

Syncing in with your destiny is ultimate identification with your purpose. Lean in to God to learn what he’s put you here to accomplish. You know your life is a testimony meant to be worked out on the earth - one stepping stone at a time. A situation is an event, circumstance and experience that reveals some idea, principle, belief or attitude you are being confronted with. The confrontations reveal where you are in your life and your response reveals who you are (what’s in your heart) and how you’re handling life issues. The good news is that if you allow God to become involved in the situation, each one will be redemptive. Instead of asking, “How will I reckon this situation?”, you ask, “How are we going to work this out?” This is the tie in. This is the important link between your destiny, the situation, and your next stepping stone - - a transformational relationship with someone greater than you.

Now regarding The Situation, with its challenges existing, you do realize there is a demand being placed on your life? You are eternally commanded to live your best life and lovingly impact others. It’s okay, this command will make you and those around you prosper. How is your present course proving your destiny and who you are called to be? Do you sense God manifesting something in your life right now? What is he calling you to do; who is he stretching you to become?

I think God is initiating a breakthrough for you today..

It’s time to question some of the situations in your life. Identify what’s opposing your destiny. Remove the inner conflicts that are keeping you from accomplishing what you were meant to do on this earth. Change the direction of the situation and break the tiresome attitude that’s draining you and those around you. Disobey the emotions and submit to the image of God you were created to be. Grasp his image in your heart and tell me what do you see?

Refuse to be a contrarian. A contrarian gives up his or her power. They let their soul become overwhelmed by situations. The emotions lead every decision and thought until it shuts out the spirit of God. Then soulish behaviors complicate daily endeavors. Contrarians get offended and stumble over the prize of what they’re meant to accomplish. The awards of righteousness and joy are opposed by self-righteousness and oppression. BUT when a contrarian turns toward a fresh wind, hope awaits them. Dont hold on to your life too tight. Let it breathe. Don’t fear confrontation. Decide to confront your situations with what you hope for - mercy and grace. Now the yielding contrarian is ready for transformation. A spiritual habitation reconciles truth with fact and a graceful cooperation of the heart ensues. The contrarian nature begins to vanishes. Arise steady transformist. Ignite your light and let the once dormant destined life now appear.

Live a united Life Today!

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