Today I’m pressing in during my stillness time to meditate on power.

Recently my soul, heart and mind were affected by a power struggle. I believe power struggles come from heart issues. And if we dig even deeper and determine anger, strife, stubbornness, any hardness of heart were present, then we’ve stepped onto the stone of pride.  (Take my coaching class on The Powerful Communicator to tackle the sticky discussion of root causes of this power dynamic.) Heart issues revealed from power struggles spotlight individuals, organizations, or culture structures. We must determine whether those implications are tangible or principle-driven issues. We must also determine whether soulish emotions are driving the conflict because these behaviors conjure feelings that only clutter and cloud our path to successful communication and resolution.

How do we move from being affected by division to becoming single focused on unity? How do we take a potentially volatile discussion or situation and use it as an opportunity to be a light helping to transcend an atmosphere of hurt, offense, unforgiveness and rebelliousness?

I believe we must first take a moment to be quiet and deal with the issue internally. Our heart must engage in order to deal with the issues of life at work or personally that’s bothering us individually or collectively. It must engage in an excellent way. (I describe this process more in my blog, “Engage Your Heart Best”.) Are we having a struggle dealing with the possibility that our thought or idea - our premise - might be faulty or wrong? Are we too proud to humble and turn from that thought and see it another way? Have we become offended because our ideas or concepts are being challenged? Ouch! 

Let’s realize challenging conversations can be healthy. They can move us out of our comfort zone and expose our assumptions. Our reasoning can be faulty. Challenging conversations can jumpstart the elements of critical thinking: Are you a well-cultivated critical thinker? I’m just sayin’... Maybe we need to take a pause.... This could be our AWE moment. Let’s not miss it! Challenging conversations are healthy conversations when the fruits of peace, love, patience and righteousness are outwardly displayed. Let’s remember that righteousness moves us from self intentions to valuing the agape standards of humanity, morals and ethics. Our righteousness is in the agape relationships we develop, occupy and are actively involved in.

Today I feel beckoned to clean my internal house and remove any division that’s trying to linger in my heart. I believe I can have love in the workplace. I can treat others like I would like them to speak to, listen to and peaceably think with me to further solutions. Yes, I can love in the midst of challenging issues and views just as I can love myself in the midst of my challenges.

Here’s the thing. I know I’ve gotten it wrong before and this won’t be the last time that someone will misunderstand or flatly disagree with my view. I am reminded that this will happen again. The cares of life can sometimes cause all of us to lose clarity and distort character perceptions and values. BUT AT THIS MOMENT, in this challenging situation or conversation, I must press in and ask myself - - what will my next response be? 

Let it be a humble one. Let it be a peaceful one. Let it be a patient one. And yes, let it be a loving and righteous one.  When I stumble or fall, please extend your hand to pick me up. When you stumble or fall, I will extend my hand and whole-heartedly do the same. 

Live an agape Life Today!


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Eugenie Encalarde