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Exceptional project management requires wisdom, discernment of the times and exceptional creativity. Only then will you have a project with soul.
— EJ Encalarde, Producer * project manager * consultant


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Small-Scale Turn-key Projects

Masterclass 100.  (2 hrs)  Success secrets, yummy. Why do so many people fail at turn-key projects. Let me count the ways!  Better yet, let me spill the beans about the pitfalls, and what the stakeholders don’t tell you. If you’re working on an intimate exclusive affair or spectacular project for 1000 attendees or less, I’ll share my best rules for being a boss producer.  Reach out today! Small classes only.  Limited Space.


Attention to Detail 

Masterclass 200.  (3 hrs.)  Although a project is a temporary endeavor, there are many details that will get you successfully to your ultimate big picture goal. This is an excellent team-building class. In this intense class (yes, it’s intense!) I will show you how to create a project masterpiece. I will coach you using my on-the-ground production experience sharing the hard knocks and successes. I will help you understand the whys to the details. Seatbelt on, let’s do this!


Strategic Planning & design

Masterclass 300. (3 hrs.)  Undertaking a project, whether large or small, requires a strategy.  What’s yours?  Are you planning your A-team or are you soaring solo on this one?  We’ll discuss strategy smarts and what it takes to being smart enough to spot a dumb move, and knowing how to correct it. Let’s get a successful outline mapped out -- one with possibly some bumps in the road but without a dead-end. A vision must be written out plainly so (yes) even you (wink-wink) can delegate like a Pro! Deliver your plan with excellence today!

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Project Performance 

Masterclass 400. (6 hrs.)  Here we deal with the life-cycle of your project. I listen, coach, listen, evaluate, listen, test, and ultimately inspire you to cross your project finish line. I will even visit you while you’re performing your project. And yes, you will be graded and evaluated. This class is being offered at a ridiculous introductory price because I want you to learn that the “performance grade is in the listening experience.” Check!

Projects give me the opportunity to wear lots of hats and shoes. I just love a new pair of shoes!
— EJ Encalarde