Mothering is a beautiful gift. It turns you inside out. The weight of caring for another; sacrificing your wants for another - - knowing the time you devote to another will impact humanity and hopefully bless God. I feel humbled to have been given the opportunity to pour whatever life lessons, loving necessities, inspired and encouraging thoughts into my children. I’ve always felt a burning burden to help them move forward into their lives of adulting. My husband and I rely on God to give us the wisdom needed to guide our children forward. Sometimes, the most important portions were to just get on our knees and cry out to him. In every matter, we knew God heard our cry and delivered our children out of many deep waters and overwhelming situations.

Mothering is a calling. I continue to mother young women and men whether through divine connection at work or by casual meeting. I know how important it is to have a mother’s love and warmth; concern and doting. I have had many mothers rescue me through various times in my life with kind words and gentle hugs. I’ve also had a few rescue me with powerful prayers. My commitment now is to give those life transforming moments to the daughters and sons that cross my path and pay it (pray it) forward. Mothering is a unique physical, mental and spiritual embrace that absorbs the cares of the world and settles a soul like a cashmere blanket! The mothership. It covers all boundaries.

Blessings to all the mothers. To the natural and spiritual mothers who nurtured us with sweet, solid love. Enjoy your day and remember how much we honor you! #mothersday #blessedlife #livelifetoday

Eugenie Encalarde