How can you break free from the cares and the world’s unrest? Being stuck in a rut is no piece of cake. In fact, It’s no dessert at all! How can you step away from workplace frustration and disappointments, financial pressures, family anxieties, and personal oppression in order to bring rest to your spirit? If your spirit isn’t strong, your emotions and mental thoughts can begin to run unrestrained. Pervasive images can take over and cloud your vision. Eventually the uncontrolled thought patterns can take a toll on your body. You may begin to feel extreme fatigue and your joy can get lost from menacing mental detours. Hard times are real, but you should guard against letting these times overtake you. Today it’s time for you to break free. Become carefree!

Deciding to become carefree starts with stillness. And yes, it’s a decision you make to turn away from the turbulence. Stillness is a discipline you choose from your toolbox. It is a routine that must be practiced so when times of overwhelming concerns hit your doorstep, you have the tools to sweep them out and shake the dust from your feet! Remember your goal is to continue to guard the momentum needed to achieve what you have been called to do with good success. Good success is not only financial. Goodness encompasses hope, joy, and unsurpassed contentment no matter the worldly agitation.

How do you begin to use this tool of stillness?

I recommend you dedicate morning time to stillness. I also suggest you don’t see this as something you must work at. Rather, it’s an atmosphere you enter into. Morning dedication may require you to change. Getting out of a long-held traditional routine is hard but the pulling away from a hard place and turning toward something new is beneficial for your inner confidence. Even a new sacrifice can bring satisfaction and personal abundance. I know you can do it! But my goal and prayer is getting you to see that you can!

Okay, so what can you use for your stillness time? Let me pull out some of the tools I use… sustaining music is one. It’s music that almost causes a vibration between your spirit and the nectar of heaven - - that’s my personal best. For more information about that tool, go to my website for details on my stillness coaching sessions. Or maybe you prefer quietude. Then I urge you to go to your quiet place. I’ve used this tool as well. Your place could be outdoors, or a favorite room that gives you peace and solitude. Music just helps me set the atmosphere I’m needing to break free. After a while the music is secondary to the atmosphere I’m in. But you decide what will get you there - - in the stillness. Continued commitment will bring you the success you need. Stillness is NOT nap time (smile). It’s actually when your spirit becomes energized and alert. Believe me, you’re thirsting for stillness like a dry land. I feel that way when I drink water. I never realize how much I need it until I start drinking it regularly. Then when I stop, my mouth is dry and only water will quench the thirst. Stillness works sort of like that.

Being carefree is cleansing your mind. It’s washing the daily turbulence and replacing it with peace. What is giving you turmoil? Sometimes you just have to journal your way out of your chaotic situations. BUT make your list when you’re emotions have settled down. Right now, you are 911 for stillness. Today I recommend totally cleansing your mind by letting each thought and care be swept away by the shifting a “stillness atmosphere” brings. The goal for this week is to submit your spirit to the spirit of God and rest.

Reposition yourself for a carefree day.

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