I smell the fragrance of change. The fresh anointing of transition. Take a moment to inhale this experience. Even in the awkwardness of vulnerability. Even though you’re moving almost in slow motion. I strongly feel the shift of movement occurring in your life bringing you into your new season. It’s just so different right now because you feel the state of flux. You see the emotions trying to distract you with their hands of happy, sad, doubt, waving to get your attention. But NO. Stay aware; this is a season of great growth. You are NOT who You were a year ago. You are better, stronger, discerning the good things for your life; not revisiting the bad.

I have gone higher in my expectation. The air is clearer up here. Feels lighter. The weighty circumstances are not what they seem anymore. I am out of the mental seduction of overthinking. The change has put my destiny in context. The aroma of transition has captured my attention and I am focusing on where I’m going. It’s up to me whether I demand certainty or whether my life is pleasing even in the midst of uncertainty. Will I smile at resistance during transition because I know what’s behind the curtain of change? Will you?

In the past month or so, I’ve felt a strong tug to openly acknowledge and embrace the transition state. If not, I could’ve shrugged it off, but in my stillness time I asked for confirmation that this change I felt was real. I journaled about it in faith, decreeing the sudden leap and opening of blessings soon to follow this transitory time. Today I continue to stay focused. I wake up declaring I will keep my joy and release its spiritual strength to others. You see, I believe we are all marching in step during this transition. This shift seems like a slow movement, but believe me it’s begun! Remember even a slow movement counts as a leap when it’s flowing into the next season of your destiny.

In this day, call on God for direction and strength and he will answer. I hear his voice in a whisper. “This is the way, you are right, walk in it. I am guiding you in the change.”

Hold onto your purpose. Do the best you’ve ever done to maintain focus on your assignment. Watch the unfolding of your gifts, and the desires align with your destiny. Embrace this season of transition and change. Don’t let go in this shift. Live your Life changed Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde