No Doubt

Do you believe you are wonderfully designed, made to impact the purpose you were destined for? Do you joyfully remind yourself that absolutely no one can see the world quite like you do. And do you believe that no one can communicate life’s candid complexities and hopeful possibilities with the comforting, even humorous, gestures that you possess. Oh and the sound of your laugh… it’s totally your signature. Do you imagine the glory of your spirit that brightens a room when you walk in?

Do you imagine you are strong and can stand against spiritual oppression and heaviness? Do you believe you can prayerfully war against it in order to let a wonderful image stay in your mind’s eye?

Do you believe you can take anxieties and blow them far away from your promises and green pasture like blowing a big bottle of bubbles - - watching the cares pop as you stretch away the tension and let them go, falling to the ground?

Do you believe that you are in right-standing with God, filled with his spirit? Do you believe Christ’s power gave you power to speak “grace” to your mountain of trouble or despair? And when you walk, do you wave your hand knowing there’s a scepter of righteousness helping you take every step on a solid foundation.

Do you believe the work you’re doing, wherever you are fulfilling your godly purpose, is being written about in a very special and heavenly book? Do you believe every day your book is read aloud talking of your love and patience and there are cheers accompanying a standing ovation from many witnessing fans?

What if you believed every time it rained, bad memories and trauma were being washed away with sun rays drying your tears of release and a rainbow suddenly appeared to lead you on a new and colorful path?

Do you believe you are healthy, balanced and truly loved? Do you believe you have wholeness and hope?

Even if you haven’t seen all of this yet, DON’T DOUBT ANY OF IT NOW. You are truly blessed in the continuum of receiving these things because you first BELIEVE. Live Life Believing Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde