Power Through

#Power Through: I see a steamship. I see the steam rollers and the power of the water washing through. There are times we must power through. 

Whether it’s a deadline for a project or a tense hiccup in a close relationship, sometimes we just have to power through. We must keep moving forward; keeping our eye on the goal to accomplish the task or conversation with the precision and quality it deserves. If it’s a task, we should be able to hand over the work product to the receiver or team colleague with the excellence we were designed to produce. If it’s a difficult conversation, we should be able to humbly listen and move the problem forward seeking a resolution that pleases the other more than ourselves. Powering through should allow us to focus on our integrity and efficiency. The integral choices we make or don’t make to get the job done or discussion reconciled. How much effort are we dedicating to keep the project, task, or words of our mouth top-notch. Pressure to produce in a compressed time frame can tempt us to leave out or talk ourselves out of completing some of the details needed to present a smooth and brilliance finish. The works of our hands and words of our mouth should display the effect of our stillness time. The type of peaceful steadiness, even in powering through, where the brilliance and professionalism stands out and is undeniable to others.

I mentioned in a business networking event this week that we should honor the recipient of our work, finished product or textured dialogue. Why? I believe because they are worth it. They have worth and value just as we do. Their role is just as important as ours. I must have respect for them personally and/or professionally or else why would I have a covenant relationship with them? Covenant relationship is a relationship I believe we are destined to have. It’s a godly, higher reason which  demands a higher standard. There is a demand placed on your life when you believe the recipient is a part of your destiny. Your divine connections are part of the right relationship thread that moves you from one successful stepping stone to another. That’s why if you don’t know your core values, purpose and assignment on this earth, you will be lost in this important season. 

Power through to achieve mutual understanding and success. Both of you should feel a presence of God’s spirit in your work. What does that feel like? For me; I feel an overwhelming satisfaction in my soul. I feel full and complete. It’s a glorious checkmark that I can put my name or initials on! I look for that same feeling in the recipient. I listen for confidence in their voice. I look for a peace on their face. I feel the anointing in our space together. 

How well did I do powering through this week? I learned I need to cultivate more kindness, patience, and gentleness in my conversations with others. I learned to forgive myself and accept the pauses needed to gather my thoughts. The integrity of my character is the true test during my ‘power through’ challenges.

What about you? Did you frown and pout when the process didn’t lay out neatly and click from one task to another? Did you laugh at yourself for the frustration experienced when you couldn’t remember a detail that should’ve been familiar? Did you provoke someone because of that frustration? 

Powering through washes the extra steps or extra words we come to realize aren’t needed. It removes the attitudes that aren’t productive for a team building or relationship-building environment. Let the power through process take its cleansing course. Live Life empowered Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde