With Your Whole Heart

What does it mean to have a whole heart? For me, I am captured by that phrase because it requires of me. It makes me think about my genuine commitment to the things and people I say I care about. Am I whole heartedly doing whatever I should be toward that person or situation? My coworkers; am I working with them with my whole heart to produce something great and beneficial? How many times do we do tasks half focused, distracted which causes the work to miss the mark on quality and attention given to detail. We didn’t ask the critical questions to ensure the work was thoroughly completed and well thought out. We just didn’t do it with our whole heart.

And what about our relationships? Are we loving either by agape or philos? Are we obeying the rules of engagement to encourage, listen and love despite the random thoughts that try to short circuit a true cultivation of friendship. Are we dedicated to others whole heartedly in the presence of others, not gossiping or backbiting because we have divided loyalties and motives? 

Whole hearts. Many of us are walking around with holes in our hearts. I was there. Missing a big part of my life that kept me from giving with my whole heart. It was remarkable how well I did at work with that hole. Just think, I would say, how productive I could be if I solved the one thing holding me back. The hole that caused fear to torment me and disturb my confidence to excel in a greater manner than I could’ve ever imagined.

We must examine how we’re living life. A life should involve our whole heart. Relationships at work and outside the workplace should receive our whole heart. We should demand it of ourselves. 

As a Believer I say, I love God with my whole heart. I say I worship and honor His presence with my whole heart. I tell Him every morning that I will humble my whole heart before Him in order to receive His direction and guidance. With my whole heart. I feel the stretch when it’s difficult and challenging. I feel the seriousness of that commitment when the world circumstances tries to sell me lemons. Let’s not buy the lemons without the sugar and a spoon of honey. Let’s put our whole heart into every person, place or situation we are called to encounter today. We must get to the bottom of the hole in our lives that’s keeping us from living a whole life with a whole heart.

Live Your Life Today Whole Heartedly!

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Eugenie Encalarde