Sort it Out

It's time to do laundry. Time to clean out that hamper of happenstance. Clean out the thoughts dirtying your day. Oh, the wrinkled worriers we've become! Letting anxiousness from our daily tasks overflow. The piles of projects we never get to, only to succumb to unnecessary frustration. I sometimes forget that multi-tasking and doing two complex activities at one time isn't good. It's simply an appearance. A distraction from efficiency. Layer upon layer; trying to make compartmentalization the norm. It's time to sort things out. Separate the color of things...emotions, ideas, moods in the workplace... Put memories from yesterday in one pile and gently let them wash away. Today is a brand new bright day!

A clean start.  Fresh start. Pull out the freshener. Can you smell the warmth of confidence? Smell the new phrases and images -- "I can...I will...I believe.."  Grab the expectation of laughter today. Separate the present from the future. Overlapping goals can fade the awe moment of today and try to gradually take out of view what you should be focused on right now. Don't blur the lesson you're meant to learn now with the accomplishments you are destined to achieve.  Remember it's in the quality of your stepping stones.

Sort it out. Place it in the right pile. Let the genuine relationships and delicate conversations have its own cycle - whether a heavy or normal load - it's time to make a choice. Whatever your decision, today is laundry day! Which pile would you like to tackle this morning? I'll help you sort it out. Live a cleaner Life Today.

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Eugenie Encalarde