I roll out my confidence like a red carpet. Sometimes it peaks over a mountain of deadlines that seem overwhelming. A brief cloud cover tries to make me think I can’t accomplish the responsibilities before me. Then my confidence rushes in to save me with a hopeful “glass half full” image and there...I’m back on track. I believe what’s inside of us is more powerful than what shows on the exterior. Now it’s important we dress up our exterior, always ready for what life’s stage will present at work or other important gathering circles when the curtain of our day opens. However, the inward confidence is where your authentic strength lies. Have you ever felt stronger in your spirit than what shows up in the mirror? Boy, have I been there! (Sunglasses please!)

How do you unlock the soaring potential that’s pleading to make it to your big screen of life? Okay, THIS is your first step. You have one of those drumrolls everyday. Whether in conversations at the office, or that big project you’re working to land, or that important relationship you’re hoping to forge.. It’s time to roll out your confidence like a red carpet. Today, where are you in the process of moving your confidence to the forefront? A positive push. A great intro song, hey with that lovely string section in the melody. Are you willing to put in some effort? Determination will unfold when you realize your destiny is wrapped in the inward confidence trying to push and peak its way out. Yes, the potential soaring inside of you.

As a transformation coach, I work with clients of all ages ( Gen X to Z) to brainstorm solutions on how to get their confidence to the big screen of their lives - - whether it’s a new job, a job they feel stuck in, a relationship unfolding, a new task desired, or a new moment of self-reflection. Whatever new learning curve you’re needing to transition into to prepare for the next stepping stone of your journey, remember, the quality of your stepping stone is rightly intertwined in your destiny and purpose.

I am thankful for the resources I’ve used, and coaches and mentors that have helped me to maintain confidence and push forward in daily activities and significant projects. I’m grateful for the confidence to unlearn actions and behaviors that no longer served the next stepping stone of my journey. 

It’s time for you to ask the important questions and let me guide you to the profound answers residing in your strengths. I am confident in you. It’s time for you to confidently Live Life Today! 

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