become the successful insider

I believe this next step will determine the quality of your stepping stones.
— EJ Encalarde
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world class Team builder 

My signature class.  Acquire the expertise to become a world class team builder, change lives and create success. Analyze your present work product quality and the way you connect with your team.  Return to your workplace or professional platform knowing how to effectively gain the trust and respect of your team. 

"I will help you to navigate the professional culture. In our coaching relationship, we will find solutions based on your choice to be successful." E. J. Encalarde

the Powerful Communicator  

Equip yourself with a comprehensive toolkit for powerful communication etiquette.  Identify and seize favorable opportunities as they arise by knowing when to speak and when to say NOTHING!  Tackle new challenges and lead your organization by learning your P's & EQ's -- a framework of soft skills and emotional intelligence.  Develop love in the workplace by fostering a culture of crafted messaging that will help you succeed where others fail. A powerful lesson.  2-hour session

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productivity coaching 

Achieve short and long term goals by developing a productive power strategy based on sound decision making and priority tools.  Recognize alternative thoughts and limiting beliefs and their associated risk factors to quickly react to time-wasting conditions. Develop techniques for making day to day, even complex, decisions with real life applications. Implement strategies for carrying out those decisions and productive strategies that will have a significant impact on your personal and professional life. Group and individual sessions available.


managing difficult relationships

Characterize and evaluate your present strategy on resolving and mediating conflict in your professional and personal life. Design a winning strategy for managing difficult relationships to achieve peaceful resolutions.  Understand the logic by which consistent day to day conduct can help set manageable expectations. Build relationships in the workplace consistent with creative and inclusive approaches. Prepare your environment for different foci meant to trigger continuous dialogue, ultimately leading to a proactive end goal. Group and individual sessions available. 90 min.

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millennial coaching

Coaching Millennials in the Workplace.  Adulting --soft skills learning sprint, ethics & value decision-making, the millennial's burden to succeed, insider leadership keys.  Professional development is in the details!  Create a thoughtful progressive workplace. Should you tell them what salty means or should I?


Managing Millennials in the Workplace.  Millennial Mania! Yes, we NEED them! Transition from business as usual. Imagine an exceptional environment. Move business strategies forward. Shift mindsets with distinguished management approaches. Get ready - Gen Zers are knocking on your door!


Executive coaching

Apply skills to avoid executive burnout.  Gain insight on how to maintain your executive well-being. Solidify the foundation of leadership by developing a higher level of empathy.  Implement your customized approach for career satisfaction, inner peace, time and stress management.  Take full advantage of business opportunities and networking alliances with confidence.  Group pricing available.

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young professionals lead

Achieve your long-term goals by developing greater productivity and a sense of professional confidence. Identify and seize opportunities as they rise.  Equip yourself with all the insider secrets you need to become a success. Develop a blend of leadership skills and business savvy required to lead an organization.  Construct a comprehensive toolkit jam-packed with visioning strategies, creating opportunities, and mastering the learning curve.  Come up with the know-how you need to break the business model rules the right way. Period. Exclamation point! 90 min. 

Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson