Welcome to our second session of Stillness Sunday. It’s wonderful to have you focus on YOU. Many people ask me my exact process in the mornings as I prepare for my work day. When my eyes open everyday, I set my mind to stillness. I journal my dreams and have realized great opportunities for better preparation toward my destiny. I believe there’s a difference between pizza and revelatory dreams. I cling to the latter ones and let the promises for success linger in my spirit.

Then I set my heart to cleansing. I grab the thoughts lightly and let the process of relaxing happen. I believe we think too much. Our thoughts can be stilled. We have to become comfortable with that. Music helps me stimulate the serenity and clears my imagination. It may be the slow rhythmical melody which has pauses, breaks of silence and minimal vocal input. Again, I do not put pressure on the process. I embrace the rest.

From this morning’s stillness time I started the day delightfully. I imagined standing on the hill of peace.

In the peace of my morning, I rest in a stillness that is conquering what the mind once saw. It once saw a glass half empty. A flutter tries to come near my soul, the gut of emotional disturbance that can so easily take away my peace. But I breathe out and take in a fresh breath. I inhale the fresh anointing that is breaking the sting of momentary material loss. When one’s soul becomes attached to life, the sting must be removed or you’ll spend your days wandering and searching for soothing wound remedies that won’t last in the end. I place my hand on my heart to activate where my strength lies. This is what concerns God. My heart. This is what he guards with a peace that goes beyond my mind’s understanding. The peace that goes beyond my brain. There is a slight wind forming in the air of my new day. I see a breeze slowly forming to push me to a higher level. Stillness is an activity that transcends our natural thought process. No brain activity required.

A door will open at some point in this process where faith will peak its head. Let it beckon you. He’ll whisper, “Will you continue your course in this direction?” How will you answer? Will you allow the endurance that’s strengthened and stretched you to now anchor you to your strong tower? Who is that deliverer? Who is the one that sees where you’re going and already knows your destiny and the straight way you should go? Who is that glorious one, the light that is your beacon? 

Let’s talk more next Sunday! Until then, be still. Live Life Today! #ejencalarde #livelifetoday #stillnesscoach #innerpeace

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