Recently I had the opportunity to reconnect with a very special person that had not been in my life for a long time. I learned the beauty of discovering new things about myself as I reconnected and learned things about the person. The mutual joy we felt realizing how much we loved the same things, felt passion about certain subjects, smiled at similar gestures, and even how our journeys had heart-felt parallels.

Connections are exhilarating when they’re divine. I mean, when timing and life seasons are in sync. It’s a joy to see the ease of communication when connections are positioned for the moment of discovery ready to unfold in our present journey.

How do we ensure not to miss divine connections? Be sensitive to how your life is unfolding. Is there a shift or transition taking place that presents fertile ground for you to hopefully expect a new connection or reconnection? I felt an opening…a perfect quiet pause as if a room silenced and everyone turned to look at who was entering through the doorway. Who was at the threshold of my next journey. I allowed myself to walk toward the doorway ready and open to greet the next chapter of my life.

Are you ready to reconnect with someone or some opportunity presenting itself or herself or himself? Is a shift happening right now that’s moving you into a fresh, new connection? I know it may even seem uncomfortable because it’s new, but lean into the awkward moment and anticipate a new discovery about yourself that brings joy to your heart. A characteristic that laid dormant, waiting to be introduced at your job or for an upcoming project you’ve desired to tackle for sometime. Now you realize that divine connection uncovered inward strengths you thought were there but now you know! Those dazzling strengths are now coming through brightly because of the reconnection or new one.

Today open your mind for a reconnection or new connected relationship in which a person, idea or thought discovery rekindles the brightness in you that was waiting to shine. Check in with yourself and discern if today is your moment of connection. Live Your Life Connected Today!

Eugenie Encalarde