Things to Be

I’m sitting here getting ready to let the day upend me when I’m reminded of an important matter. I have things to do today. I have many things to remember today. Most importantly, I have things to BE today. That’s right. I have things to be today.

Today, I have to be content. Contentment is a wonderful state where it doesn’t matter what’s ebbing and moving about on your checklist for life - - you are content in any situation. This day I will wake up content. Is this difficult? I will not start the dark path of introspection at 6:00am. Instead I choose to be content. How? First, I choose to be thankful for at least 3 things. For example, I am happy I have a fantastic career and business. It makes me want to be a better leader, employee and mentor. Next, I am so thankful for family and friends. My circle is filled with textured generations of children, Gen Zers, millennials and aging wonders! And I’m absolutely most appreciative for this wonderfully huge God that I can’t begin to wrap my mind around. The One who recently saved me from scheduling a class that would’ve impacted seeing my son off to his third year in college. (I had an offer to facilitate a retreat but it advertently didn’t happen. I believe when something doesn’t happen, God has decided there was something more important that needed to Today, He showed me why that job fell through. Thank you!!! Okay, great. I’m content and my feet haven’t even touched the floor yet.

Now, I go for being rested. That’s right. It’s 6:45am and I’m ready to rest. I begin my stillness time. I let my mind relax and allow images to float into my imagination. I see a word that will become my mantra for today. It’s a good one! Oh my, I’ve already come across three confirmations this morning by reading, listening and seeing this one word. It’s only 7:20am. I’m confident this is an excellent mantra for me living life today!

Today, as I get ready to dress and make my way to my first appointment, I commit to be these things as well. I will be kind to my co-workers and be aware of the atmosphere I work in. I will be aware there’s more to my work day than my perception of output. I will be engaging and thoughtful. I will get out of my desk and check on a coworker to see if I can help them get a task accomplished. I will be thoughtful. I will be careful to notice the details of this day and give whatever I can to support a colleague. I will be delightful in my conversations today at work. I will be devoted to these tasks today. That’s right. No gossip or passive aggressive environment for me today. 

Are you ready to accept this reminder to BE today? Feel the freedom in being. Seek the highest place you can in being. In order to do this, you’ll have to become dependent on the One that strengthens your being. You are a human being that does great things!

I BElieve in you. Live Life Today.

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