Breaking up

I am thankful for the breaking up of fallow ground happening in my life. There is a change and repair occurring in my heart, really at this very moment. I release any remnants of unforgiveness, bitterness and resistance and humble myself to a bigger picture. I admit I do not know everything. I admit there are so many factors working, for my good, that I am not aware of at this moment. Wow, could I not know everything about my life? (Smile)

I am leaning in today inwardly desiring a clean heart. I want my fallow ground watered with love. I want a wave upon wave love experience that overwhelms my heart today. I want to be overwhelmed with love, not life. I want the love to overwhelm my life and its circumstances. I want to see my “issues of life” at home and work more clearly. I don’t want to pretend that everything's okay. I don’t want to pretend that I have all the answers to my destiny and purpose. I believe God gives me keys and I know in part. I desire to become more aware of these keys and learn how to unlock each truth buried deep in my heart and mind.

Today I will receive power. Wait...I am empowered through the skills and talents already set in my personality and unique makeup. Let me be still enough; sit still long enough, to grasp the greatness of the greater works I can do at my job and in my family life. I believe God has placed greater works, these empowered skills, inside of me. Actually, those gifts and skills have my name (your name) inscribed upon every one of them. I humble my whole heart, spirit and body and equally yield my being in order to understand my place on earth. I want to understand my mark in the workplace. I want to impact everywhere my foot treads. I am destined to impact generations and interact intergenerationally with the skills and talents I’ve been privileged to use.

I will walk out this day seeing my life with a broad landscape lens. My destiny looks fresh with green grass, a bright sky, and colored flowers bending toward my prosperous path. I want the fresh wind to blow. Break up the fallow ground in my heart. I want the heart surgery. I want to feel the pull and tug of self-reflection. I want to reflect on my thoughts and actions. The spiritual microscope catches a strand of fear trying to come in my thoughts and make me anxious, but I took out my “fear swatter” (laughing) and cleansed my thoughts with love and strength. Wave upon wave of peace waters my heart today.

It’s all about trust. It’s all about love. It’s about humility. Ah, the depths of my thoughts. I realize how quickly they can turn toxic if I let them. But I change my mind, and ultimately change my heart today. The breakup is official! Fallow ground is replaced with a destiny drenched in possibilities. Live a refreshing Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde