I woke up seeing circles this morning. Different ones meaning different things.

I saw a full circle. There are moments when you know you’ve come full circle in a journey and maybe it’s taken years to accomplish. I’ve just completed one. A real twenty year doozy! Here I am (You are here now!) knowing the door is closing on those memories  - - some good, some not so good. Nonetheless, the season is ending on that circle of your life and you’ve now come full circle. It’s time for a new journey. How are you feeling coming to this realization? It’s hitting you that there are no more lessons to learn that will provide growth to use as a stepping stone to the next phase of your life. That’s right my dear friend, shake yourself because you have come full circle. Sometimes we resist this truth and stay stuck for a while (even years) not wanting to take the next step. Why? Don’t worry, I’m the coach so I’ll say it for you. Maybe because you’re very comfortable with the present familiarity of your job, relationship or tasks you’re doing. But look around. There may be a more productive, an easier way to do it. A happier way of doing it. Your workplace has accelerated, moving forward with newer, faster, less chaotic ways of getting work accomplished and files saved. New ways of doing and connecting. It’s time for you to assess whether you’ve come full circle with that task, job, career or relationship. Suppose for a moment you were ready to acknowledge you’ve come full circle with that back and forth conversation in your head. Just suppose you were ready. How will making this change to move into your next season affect other areas of your life? Your spirit? Body? Can you imagine what your next season and journey will look like? Is there something you think you should have or should be doing? Trust me, conviction isn’t always a bad process. Transformation and change moves you forward if you’re willing to allow the process to work for growth. A full circle can connect with another. That’s okay. Intersections are how you get from one major highway of your life to another. Drawing out your goals with a transformation coach would be helpful. Imagine.

Another circle I saw had the words “encircle me” floating on top of it. Unlike the full circle that gave a trumpet-like instruction to position yourself for a life shift, this circle gave me a feeling of protection. Behind and before we should feel encircled. For me, I pulled up a collection of memories of the many life coaches and business, spiritual mentors that had protected me from mistakes that would’ve shipwrecked my career, family and overall life destiny. I believe its okay to admit we need wisdom. I need it everyday. You need it. We need wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and counsel. It takes that to get the next project from vision, then paper to reality. Group and signature coaching are unique opportunities to see the overall vision for your life. My transformation sessions allow you a place to breathe (literally) and sit in a comfortable environment so you can determine whether your values are rightly aligned with your goals. Do you feel you are aligned with who you are?

Let us not pay the price for not identifying the circle we’re in. Don’t go round and round in circles not knowing what’s holding you back or keeping you stuck and restless.

My last image was the word “cylinder”. I saw this word and immediately felt what your last take away should be today. You are a three-dimensional being. You are spirit, body, and soul! I believe you know it’s time to get yourself in balance. Make a commitment today to take my meditative stillness session for your spirit and body. The cost is minimal for peace. Take one of my many, many coaching classes or signature life sessions for your soul. It’s time to tend to the needs of each dimension! 

Hey, circle all of the above and Live Life Today.

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