Scrub Your Mirror

I imagined a scrub brush cleaning memories in my life that needed to be removed so I could move on to the next part of my journey. I thought if I dwelt in this imagination more deeply I would brilliantly see how I could be healed of past hurts. As I sat quietly and listened to my stillness music, the hurt began to be cleansed from my eyes and heart.

Hurt comes through trauma, whether by words spoken or actions taken directly or passive aggressively. It is in those shaken, vulnerable moments that our spirit is bruised. Like a bruise, it leaves a mark that hurts to the touch. Some moments of the day we move about and don't feel the pain but the bruise is still there. We may be quickly reminded of the lingering and discolored mark by a scent, song, movie or conversation. But the scrubbing must occur to remove those dirty words and active pictures that have corroded our minds. Life's pollutants unfortunately laid on our heart and spirit. We might have knowingly or unknowing allowed a broken person or a dry circumstance to touch us in some way. BUT today let's commit to scrub our personal mirror in order to see our image truthfully.

A happy heart and joyful mind is our goal, right? The tools for healing is what we're all looking for. We all desire to satisfy our scorched spirit and the dry places of our lives. There's hope! Yay!! We can receive healing with a toolkit. Healing tools can be soaking music; daily journaling to discover and identify toxic thoughts that may be holding us back from a dream that's part of our destiny; and having a transformation coach (like that guides us on the things that can be a bondage in our lives. There are times we need tools to rebuild what's broken, uncover a life shift or realign daily life with our passion. Other healing tools can be group classes that help us rake through debris with compassionate feedback to help us shovel, dig in, and lift our response to life issues with hope and encouragement. It's time to scrub your mirror! Time to strengthen how you respond to people or factors that try to cloud your true image. Let's clean the dirt and bring a shine to your life today so you can rightly see what God sees. He is the windex that cleans my mirror! Hey, you were created in His image. Let the reflective shine of your glorious destiny burst through today. Live Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde