Delightfully Still

I am a nurturer at work and home. I’m always trying to help someone cultivate a new skill, plan or dreamy idea. It’s a encourager gift I believe I’ve been given. But I also need to be nurtured. I have an inward desire to be cared for. I mean, I’m continually developing skills and growing in character. In my work, I’ve encountered people suffering from a lack of development. Deficient cultivation of the spirit can put your mood in crisis mode. And mental pressure from an accelerated fast-paced workplace can leave you feeling enslaved. Not to mention how challenging it can be to navigate difficult conversations with coworkers. Common questions I hear in my classes involve needing tools to to be an effective leader. They ask, “How do I garner appropriate influence and maintain respect in the workplace?” 

Being delightfully still. As an experienced-based coach, I am nurtured in the stillness. Here is where I am well-grounded. Here I discern the presence of God and receive inner calm and spiritual well-being. I really can’t exist without it. I believe the mind-body connection will always have its relational struggle, vying for control. But when I’m still, I am fully focused on receiving. I sink into a restful atmosphere where I am absolutely confident in Christ. For me, I sink into His power, wisdom and goodness. I am strengthened and invigorated to start my work day, through the special moments that thread my daily life. Everyday I seek to be nurtured so I can nurture. To know God is to steadily grow in the discipline of stillness. It’s like I’m drawing from a well where faith, insight and love floods my spirit. I begin to smile for no particular reason. My shoulders relax. My mind begins to imagine a broad place where possibilities exist. Daily we must find this place of rest. Digging deep, where stillness resides. I invite you to believe that whatever circumstance you’re encountering today, whether in your professional or personal life, your level of stillness affects your emotional and social intelligence. And your character. Your stillness affects the decisions you will make with the myriad of tasks required today. The depth of your stillness matters. A particularly sensitive relationship you are dealing with needs your inward endurance and insight to shine through. The balance of your leadership skills will be evident from your stillness. How well you communicate depends on how still you can be to rightly determine the communication nuances in tone and behavior.

A cohesive life is a life that practices stillness. Today let your spirit be rightly nurtured. Delightfully Live Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde