I like checkmarks. It's a way I can tell I'm moving forward. When I was growing up, my teachers would give lots of gold stars and checkmarks, with encouraging remarks like "Good job" or "Excellent work". I think those early checkmarks fed my addiction to succeeding one task after another. I was always working toward another goal, and one more checkmark. Today, I still make lists and check them off with the same bright-eyed excitement I had as a young girl. But the checkmarks are checkpoints marking the stages of success I have achieved with steady coaching from great mentors throughout my career. Hard work, check. Long hours, check. Learning sprints, check. Big mess ups, check. Rebound success, check. Solid relationships, check. Grooming the next generation, check. Yes, I like checkmarks. It tells me desired outcomes are possible. I am led to new and positive experiences, most times not as I had imagined. Intriguing checkmarks. In the best of all possible worlds, I am preparing for my next checkmark to move me closer to my destiny. How's you're list coming along? Live Life Today, check!


EJ’s Prayer for You today:

God, check my thoughts today. I lean into your creativity and awesome wonder of the goodness of my potential. I believe that I have purpose and the decisions I make are intended to move me closer to my destiny of achievement. I will make my checkmarks count. Today I will write my vision and dreams down with clarity. I will take each action needed toward my vision step by step. I will not fear or be overwhelmed. I know You have given me abundant wisdom and today I thoughtfully make my requests known. I am so thankful for the peace that is guarding my heart and mind at this moment. I decree and declare each checkmark is a step forward because You are leading me in the way I should go. 


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