Tall Order

It’s a tall order to rise up and take control of the decisions you make. I realize that I have influence over the direction of my life. I think I can safely call that influential direction the consequences of my influence or “action”. I’ve had to go through a period of getting my feet wet before I was able to rise up. What did I do? Well, I had a coach that gave me space to practice and gain my confidence in specific life areas where I desired to accomplish great things. I mean I knew somewhere deep down inside I was supposed to really hit the ball out of the park in specific areas... BUT it was a tall order for me because I hadn’t conquered my fears in those areas and I needed to learn some important tools. I began slowly, basically putting one foot in front of the other by doing one task and completing it with a new tool (or two!) and then in about one month I was feeling settled to do that task with confidence. Then I felt that I had gained enough skill and built good habits to try another area. My coach was so good at encouraging me, stretching me and letting me fly. Eventually my training wheels came off and I was moving without sudden panic. The tormenting voices of “you can’t really believe you”ll accomplish that!” begin to quiet down and I finally knew what it felt like to influence a direction in my life. You see, it’s a tall order to take a step toward financial, career or personal life freedom, but we have to practice what it feels like to take control of our decisions in our lives. Listen, I believe that my talents are God-given and He ultimately controls everything, but geez, He’s given me power to get wealth and given me the authority to choose how I’m going to influence the direction of my life with CHOICES. It’s a tall order to DO something with my influence. I’m coaching you today because I realized I had a tall order and I needed to get off my butt and DO something with that order. Will you rise today and take control of the decisions you make? I’m here to coach you through it and to it! Live Life Today. 

EJ’s Prayer for You today:

God, I give you my heart today. I stand in my truth and see that I alone must choose to the way I will go. So I acknowledge You in all my decisions whether big or small because I have a tall order today to determine consequences. I first seek Your wisdom which you give me in abundance. Then I decree that I will turn against fear and move in confidence knowing every small step moves me closer to establishing control and authority over every area in my life that I need a change in. I receive Your full joy as I go forward today because I believe You are present with me. I remove doubt and replace it with a clear mind. I speak truth today not torment. My life is changing as I speak this decree. I promise to confidently take this tall order and powerfully determine my tomorrow. 


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Eugenie Encalarde